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How to Help Ecuador - Earthquake Aid

How YOU Can Help:

Donations are always needed to help fund Bayside Medical Missions efforts and work at Foundation La Vida. Now more than ever your donation will truly go to help those in desperate need of medical attention. Please give to and pray for our Ecuador friends, there are many we have yet to hear from and are worried for their safety.

In the News:

Last night around 7p.m. a earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hit Ecuador, killing 238 and wounding 1,500 with the toll still rising. The epicenter was in Muisne, a small city on the Pacific coast. So far there have been over 135 after shocks, one reaching a magnitude of 6, more are expected the following hours and days. A state of emergency has been declared in six or Ecuador's 24 provinces. This is the biggest earthquake to hit the area since the1970’s. The damage from yesterdays earthquakes has already far succeeded that of the quakes Japan experienced last week in size of area damaged, people injured, and lives lost.

The Feller’s Story:

Last night started with the friends and family of Foundation La Vida celebrating the long anticipated wedding of Dr. Enrique and his lovely bride to be. The outdoor ceremony was interrupted by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook half of Ecuador. It’s nothing short of divine intervention that this particular wedding party was attended by the entire La Vida staff along with many other medical personnel. Everyone took shelter in Foundation La Vida as it was built to California earthquake codes, making it one of the safest places to be. The Feller’s and staff are all safe and providing desperately needed medical care and safety on the scene of a crumbling city in one of the few buildings undamaged.

La Vida is located in Portoviejo, Ecuador one of the most effected areas, it had been described on multiple news sources as, “Flattened”. Doctor Fellers says, “It looks as if a bomb has gone off.” Emergency services are having trouble reaching many of Ecuador’s effected cities as roads and bridges are damages to the point of being impassible in many areas. Emergency personnel from Samaritans Purse and Dr. Hillier’s team from Auburn, AL are making plans to go help the Fellers with emergency relief as soon as possible.

Currently, Dr. Fellers and the La Vida staff are partnered with the church across the street in relief efforts. Dr. Fellers will also be going to a local hospital to help with orthopedic surgeries at some point today once transportation can be arranged.

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